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We build everything from a DIY shell on wheels starting around $20,000 for a 20 foot model to partial builds to completely finished homes for $45,000 and up. Final costs are based on size, design complexity, finish selections, appliances, and fixture options. ( We've built completely finished 20 foot models for between $45,000 and $80,000. See the models in our gallery for sample pricing.) Recent fluctuations and rising costs of building materials make it virtually impossible to come up with a "quick ballpark quote" that is realistic.

Due to extremely high demand, we can no longer provide free estimates. Our individualized line-item quotes are $500. For $1500 we can provide a line-item cost analysis as well as drawings/designs/building plans, depending on complexity.  The more informations you can provide us in terms of sketches, specs, layout, and materials, the better. Payment for quote and/or design is due before we begin. To start this process please email us with the information listed on our contact page.

Should you decide to move forward with the project, the first step will be to order the trailer through our manufacturer. This price is itemized in your estimate. Payments for the trailer will go directly to the manufacturer. To start building, we require an 85% deposit of the total cost to begin. The balance is due upon completion. If you need the tiny house transported to property or set up, that will be billed separately. 

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