Tiny House FAQ's

1.  Can I live in my tiny home full time? A tiny home on wheels is considered an RV, which means it is approved for recreational/ temporary/ seasonal occupancy.  Most zoning requires you to put one in an approved mobile home site, in an RV park or tiny house community for full time occupancy. Our tiny homes are built for year-round living in the northeast.


2.  Can I put a tiny home on my property and hook to my own utilities?  Many towns will allow it for temporary recreational use only.  You'll need to check with your town's zoning department.


3.  What type of vehicle do I need to transport a tiny home? You will need an F-250 series Ford, Chevy, GMC or Dodge 2500 series truck. There are many truckers online that will move it for you, so you don't necessarily have to own a truck. (Tiny homes can easily weigh 10,000 lbs or more.)


4.  What if I want to do some carpentry work on the tiny home myself? If you want to save money and create your own tiny masterpiece, we can provide a shell on wheels or a partially completed home for you to finish.


5.  What are the price ranges for your tiny homes?  DIY shells are $20K and up, while completed homes are $45K and up. Costs are determined based on size, design, finish selections and appliance options.


6.  Do you offer custom designed tiny homes or are you just producing certain models and floor plans? Every home we build is custom. We can duplicate other designs or help you create your own custom look.


7.  Are your tiny homes certified/ inspected? Depending on how you want to use your home, we can provide certifications. We would utilize either NOAH or RVIA stickers. If you are just concerned about safety, all of our homes receive 3rd party rough- in and final electrical inspections. Also, photos of all hidden wiring, piping, insulation and special installations are included in your sale packet.


8.  How long does it take to build a tiny home? There are two parts to the process. The first part is the manufacturing of the trailer. The trailer manufacturer has a lead time around 3 weeks. The second part is the construction phase. We can take 2 weeks for a shell or partially finished home, up to 6-8 weeks for a completely finished home. We schedule our work on a first come, first serve basis.


9.  Do you have a place I can put my tiny home? We are working on plans for our own tiny house village right here in Columbia County. Hopefully, it will be open by summer/fall  2019.




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